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Testimonies that test against time & blow our minds!

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Tell it all today

Has God done anything for you Today, This Week, This Month, This year or Ever? It's time to Tell it to a dying Generation & help spread hope in God. Tell it all today is a testimonial platform created with you in mind, you have had to battle life Challenges. Trials, Temptations & Tribulations and have Won! now its time to tell the world your testimony. Tell it all today & help the world Reading, Listening & Battling, overcome the Trials, Tribulations & Temptations their facing. Tell your story today & help Encourage, Inspire & Liberate somebody, somehow, somewhere in the world reading; they too can overcome if they are motivated to Fight the good fight of Faith, Persevere through life Challenges, Obstacles & Chaos. They too can Live to tell their story of hope. Revelation 12:11 And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony, and they did not love their lives to the death

Tell it all today

Establish in December 2010, “Tell it all Today!” is a testimonial prayer breakfast event I and spiritual grandmother late Mavis use to host. The platform offered a place for those of us who have had to battled Sickness, Abuse, Addictions a safe haven to share our story. This platform is now created for you to talk about and express anything out of the norm you experience, had to battle and somehow manage to overcome, Got freed and survived, and like us; because you survived we believe your full story need to be heard throughout the world. for those who are ready to tell their story this is your platform. it offers a safe place and community to be vulnerable and free to talk or write about some of life test, trials and tribulation you’ve had to battle without having to become a victim all over again and face the shame of judgements, not only will there be no judgement the opportunity is to help those who are still battling. Please Tell your story and help shed hope into the lives of countless, hopeless victims who are still battleling become victors all around the globe.

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